The National Agricultural Exhibition

“We Gatherin’ We Fruit!”

Rules and Regulations
Kitchen Garden Competition

1. The Manager of the show will forward entry forms to all interested persons. Completed entry forms must be returned to the Agrofest office c/o Barbados Agricultural Society, The “Grotto”, Beckles Road, St. Michael no later than Friday, 7th February, 2020. Entry forms may also be faxed to 435-0651. The completed entry forms will be forwarded to the Chairman of the General exhibits committee.
2. All exhibits must be bona fide property of the Exhibitor both at the time of entry and on the day of the judging. Plot size must not exceed one eighth of an acre.
3. Late entries will not be accepted.
4. The responsibility for correctly entering exhibits in their proper class will rest with the exhibitor or his agent.
5. Communications relating to exhibits should be addressed to: The Chairman Exhibits Committee, c/o Barbados Agricultural Society, The Grotto, Beckles Road, St. Michael.
6. Winning entrants must give permission for photographs of their gardens to be used by the Agrofest committee during the exhibition or at any other time as they might see fit
7. Failure to comply with the above rule could result in the forfeiture of prizes.
8. No prizes will be awarded if the exhibits are not considered of sufficient merit, and awards will be made only when the exhibits are of the number, quality and variety as set out in the standards.
9. The judges’ decision governing the awards of all prizes shall be final.
10. The judges reserve the right to disqualify an entry based on high pest infestation or inaccessibility.
11. Infringement of these rules renders any exhibitor liable to forfeit any prizes awarded at the show. Disrespectful behaviour towards judges constitutes an infringement of
these rules.

Kitchen Garden Entry Form 2020

Best Practices in Green Monkey Deterrence:A Manual for Farmers in Barbados

The issue of the introduced green monkey in Barbados is a frequent topic of discussion nationally. While the green monkey population must be controlled to ensure that Barbados has a thriving agricultural sector, the monkey is also an interesting component of Barbados’ rather depleted biodiversity and is a tourist attraction.

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