Agrofest ’23

Feb 24-26. Queen’s Park Barbados

Who We Are

The Barbados Agricultural Society is an agricultural organisation, which is over 150 years old. It was established in 1845 by an Act of Parliament in Barbados and seeks to represent the interests of the agricultural sector in all relevant forums.

Our Commitment

The Barbados Agricultural Society is committed to demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and other aspects of the national economy as well as shoring up the country’s food security through the delivery of homegrown food and by-products. It is also committed to educating Barbadians about the importance of growing their own food which yields considerable health, social and economic benefits.

Why Agrofest

Eating local and by extension buying local is the clarion cry of the Barbados Agricultural Society. Agrofest is a large and annual platform on which to fulfill that mandate. 

Get Involved

It is so easy! Attend the exhibition and become familiar with the many aspects of the agricultural industry which range from growing crops, to rearing animals, to the increasing use of artificial intelligence or AI on farms. If you are a new or experienced farmer and you want to become a member of the BAS email us at


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School Visit at Ignatius Byer Primary School in St Lucy

School Visit at Ignatius Byer Primary School in St Lucy

OUR THIRD SCHOOL visit was at the Ignatius Byer Primary School in St Lucy, on Monday, January 30.  Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society, James Paul met with the students there and told them about the importance of local agriculture,...

TICKETS ARE NOW available for Agrofest 2023!

TICKETS ARE NOW available for Agrofest 2023!

Children – 3-12 years, $4 Adults – 13 years and older, $15 Adult Season Tickets, $40  Get your tickets for you and the family via Payce Digital and online with Ticket Nation. Box offices are below: Roberts Manufacturing Feed Store – Lower Estate Clear Vision...

School Visit at Holy Innocents Primary School

School Visit at Holy Innocents Primary School

THE AGROFEST TEAM has visited another school. This time Holy Innocents Primary in St Thomas. BAS CEO, James Paul chatted with the teachers and the students and told them about all the exciting things that will be happening at Agrofest 2023. He invited them to come in...

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My Agrofest Story

My Agrofest Story

I was three-years old when I went to Agrofest for the first time. I went with my mommy. I don't remember what I saw. I was little. I am six now. Mummy said she is taking me next year. I told her I want to go in the jumping tent.

My Agrofest Story

My Agrofest Story

The first time I went to Agrofest I was 17-years old. I wanted to go because I had never seen a pig in real life before. I had only seen them on TV. I was so excited and when I saw them I was not disappointed. I was able to get up close and personal with them;...

Know your Bajan Delicacies

Know your Bajan Delicacies

If you’re at home and abroad and intend to have a good ‘ole Bajan Christmas this year then you must include sorrel drink and a black cake. It is a must! Sorrel drink is spicy and tangy and made from the sorrel which is both a herb and vegetable. According to Barbados...

Commodity Groups

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The Barbados Agricultural Society is the secretariat for nine commodity groups representing over 500 male and female farmers.
The nine Barbados commodity Associations are:

Pig Farmers

Egg & Poultry Producers

Fruit & Vegetable Growers

Floral Producers & Exporters

Dairy and Beef Producers

Sheep Farmers

Cotton Growers

Rabbit Farmers

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Best Practices in Green Monkey Deterrence:A Manual for Farmers in Barbados

The issue of the introduced green monkey in Barbados is a frequent topic of discussion nationally. While the green monkey population must be controlled to ensure that Barbados has a thriving agricultural sector, the monkey is also an interesting component of Barbados’ rather depleted biodiversity and is a tourist attraction.

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