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The Barbados Agricultural Society is committed to demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and other aspects of the national economy as well as shoring up the country’s food security through the delivery of homegrown food and by-products. It is also committed to educating Barbadians about the importance of growing their own food which yields considerable health, social and economic benefits.

Our Vision

To cater to the wide and divergent interests of the Barbadian public. To demonstrate the agricultural career opportunities for young people. To demonstrate the importance of agriculture in feeding and providing economic support to the family. To portray agriculture in a fun and interesting way.


Our Mission

To work closely with our members, stakeholders and the public, particularly the nation’s youth to ensure food security for all.

Our Membership Commitment

We work in unity with members for the highest good of our farmers, our food and the people we feed and serve.

A legacy of Productivity

What we have accomplished over the years

The history of the Barbados Agricultural Society dates back to the 19th century,1845 to be exact. At that time Barbados was primarily an agrarian economy and a jewel in the British crown. Even back then it was recognised that farmers were stronger together and empowered by their critical role in producing food for the island and crops for export. 

Our Partner

The Barbados Agricultural Society almost on a daily basis maintains some form of relationship with the various industries and sectors that make our economy. The society works closely with these sectors in a continuous effort to help develop and protect our agricultural industry. The linkages often allow the relevant stakeholders to collectively develop strategies and solutions to the various issues that affect us at any given point in time.  


Tourism and International Transport

Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Education Youth Affairs and Sports


Labour and Social Security

Commerce Consumer Affairs and Business Development

Agriculture and Rural Development

Our Affiliates

Agricultural Development Fund (ADF)

Barbados Agricultural Development & Marketing Corp (BADMC)

Barbados Agricultural Management Company Ltd (BAMC)

Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organization (BANGO)

Barbados Chamber of Commerce

Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute CARDI

Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

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(246) 436-6683/84

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The Grotto, Beckles Rd.,
St. Michael BB14205. Barbados

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