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The Barbados Apiculture Association has been formed to promote and develop the apicultural industry as a viable commercial industry to the economic benefit of its members. Learn more on their website at:  

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BAA – Why the name change?

BAA – Why the name change?

On April 30, 2016 the name of the Barbados Beekeepers Association was changed to the Barbados Apicultural Association (BAA) due to a growing need for a more inclusive approach, emphasizing the importance of including all activities essential to the development and...

Why Bee Keeping is important to Barbados

Why Bee Keeping is important to Barbados

It is a known fact that Barbados is the region’s largest importer of honey per year. The greatest source confusion, however, is the ‘Why?’. Why is it that one of the island’s best kept secrets for so long remained a secret for so long ESPECIALLY when it could have...

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Best Practices in Green Monkey Deterrence:A Manual for Farmers in Barbados

The issue of the introduced green monkey in Barbados is a frequent topic of discussion nationally. While the green monkey population must be controlled to ensure that Barbados has a thriving agricultural sector, the monkey is also an interesting component of Barbados’ rather depleted biodiversity and is a tourist attraction.

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