If you’re at home and abroad and intend to have a good ‘ole Bajan Christmas this year then you must include sorrel drink and a black cake. It is a must!

Sorrel drink is spicy and tangy and made from the sorrel which is both a herb and vegetable.

According to Barbados Pocket Guide the black cake was once referred to as the British Plum Pudding or Christmas Figgy Pudding but with the inclusion of Barbados’ rum and the substitution of some ingredients to a more Caribbean nature, it has now been transformed to a truly memorable product known as a Bajan Black Cake.

This cake is also made for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

See the link here: https://www.barbadospocketguide.com/eat-and-drink-in-barbados/bajan-food-and-drinks/bajan-black-cakegreat-cakerum-cake.html#:~:text=Your%20Ultimate%20Guide%20To%20Barbados&text=The%20black%20cake%20was%20once,as%20a%20Bajan%20Black%20Cake

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