COME NEXT YEAR the Boer Goat will be making its appearance at the annual agricultural event Agrofest.

Indigenous to South Africa, the Boer or Boerbok is a breed of goat that was selectively bred in the Eastern Cape region for about a century for its ability to survive grazing on the region’s thorny grasslands and for its meat quality. 

It has been exported to many countries where it has been bred with other local breeds to improve the quality of meat, and the same has been done here in Barbados.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) James Paul said this offers potential to bolster local stock. “We’ve had attempts over the years to bring in this animal for its meat producing quality, and now we have a group of people who have actually brought in the animal and apparently it is doing very well. We are hoping to have them on show for next year.”

Agrofest will be held at Queen’s Park on February 24-26 2023.

Best Practices in Green Monkey Deterrence:A Manual for Farmers in Barbados

The issue of the introduced green monkey in Barbados is a frequent topic of discussion nationally. While the green monkey population must be controlled to ensure that Barbados has a thriving agricultural sector, the monkey is also an interesting component of Barbados’ rather depleted biodiversity and is a tourist attraction.

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