AGROFEST IS AN open air agricultural exhibition and one of the largest events on the Barbados calendar, attracting 60 000 patrons annually. Its main aim is to shore up local food security by demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and other national sectors, and particularly their impact on economic activity.

It is an opportunity for your product or service to be seen by potential customers and potential investors.  

Agrofest will be held from February 24 – 26 2023, at Queens Park, Bridgetown.

Best Practices in Green Monkey Deterrence:A Manual for Farmers in Barbados

The issue of the introduced green monkey in Barbados is a frequent topic of discussion nationally. While the green monkey population must be controlled to ensure that Barbados has a thriving agricultural sector, the monkey is also an interesting component of Barbados’ rather depleted biodiversity and is a tourist attraction.

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