Barbados Rabbit Farmers Association 

We Promise…

  • To promote and develop the rabbit industry as a viable commercial industry to the economic benefit of its members and the public alike. 
  • To encourage its members in the highest levels of production and to set standards where necessary to enhance the reliability of the product or products on the local or export market.
  • To work towards a planned production, costing and marketing system with any Government agency or other corporate body wherever possible.
  • To be an active association and work along with other agricultural producer groups who believe in united action in establishing policy decisions and in speaking to Government.
  • To seek cooperation from and offer advice to the Ministry of Agriculture and other institutions on matters pertaining to the development of the Association and in the industry.
  • To participate in and assist with the organisation of agricultural shows, exhibitions and demonstrations in association with other producer groups.
  • To maintain records of actual and planned production so as to assist members in the overall development of their farm enterprises.
  • Generally to perform whatever functions that are necessary for the economic good and satisfaction of the industry.

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